Review of ‘The Ravages of Revenge’: A Novel By 14 year old Ashma Khadka

Review of ‘The Ravages of Revenge’: A Novel By 14 year old Ashma Khadka

‘The Ravages of Revenge, is a fictional novella that unravels the dark and haunting consequences of vengeance. It was her fascination with the complexities of human emotion that spurred her to pen the said novella. Since a young age, Ashma has tremendously taken pleasure in reading and was often engrossed in creative writing. During the lockdown posed by COVID-19, she opened her laptop on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and started crafting what was tentatively titled ‘Thirst for Happiness’ which we now know as ‘The Ravages of Revenge’. What started as a mere few hastily written chapters soon turned into something much more than the author herself had expected.

The storyline revolves around a California-based Nepali family who are on a joyful expedition to their home country on the occasion of their daughters’ Gunyo Cholo. The author immensely enjoyed crafting the characters after putting much thought into their unique personalities. Elina K.C. poses as a lead character, along with a mysterious person, a man whose increasing frustration and fear is highlighted throughout the chapters. Elina and her family are very happy to have been welcomed and accommodated wonderfully by their family in Nepal and readers have quite enjoyed how beautifully Nepali culture has been portrayed in the novella.

There are unique characters in the novella who have managed to touch readers’ hearts. There is Binod K.C., his wife Aakansha, and daughters Elina and Rakshya, who are 12 and 13 respectively. The story has been highlighted about Binod’s family and revolves around their adventure and revelations. As supporting characters, there are Binod’s brothers and their families: Uncle Rajesh, with little twins Sambhav and Shakti and wife Aunt Bhawana and Uncle Krishna, with daughter Samira and wife Aunt Mamta. Elina and Rakshya have portrayed attachment with their cousin Samira and their relationship has warmed up many hearts. Additionally, there are two major mysterious characters, each with their own background.

The readers have enjoyed how the identity of the mysterious person has been kept hidden and have commented on how it made the storyline captivating. The mystery starts when Elina K.C. notices a man staring at her family during the flight to Nepal. Panic starts to arise after she notices him more than once, always keeping an eye on their happy family. In addition to the mystery man, there seems to be a bigger authority commanding him, one that terrifies him. He has been referred to as “The boss”, and it is evident that he has a bitter hatred for Binod K.C., Elina and Rakshya’s father. As the scared, thin man continues to work for his boss, he seems sadder every day, and wonders if he will ever get to kill the burning thirst for happiness that is bottled up inside him.

The story reaches a point of climax when the K.C. family is on their way to the airport, bubbling with excitement, to visit their maternal grandparents in Biratnagar. As they reach the airport, Elina realizes with a shock that the same person who has been spying on them is there. In a state of panic, she decides to inform her father, who seems to have drowned in fear at the revelation. Elina and Rakshya are shocked to see their father in such a fearful and angry state, as well as the readers. The family, instead of going to Biratnagar as planned, decides to question the mysterious, thin man, and Elina and Rakshya are shocked to find out about their family’s dark past.

As the story unfolds, an unexpected alliance emerges among the characters, reshaping their journeys in unforeseen ways. With each turn of the page, the plot thickens, unveiling events that leave readers both surprised and eagerly hooked. From shocking revelations to unforeseen twists, every chapter is filled with gripping developments that keep readers on the edge of their seats, eager to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead. To find out who the mystery men are and why they are so desperate for revenge from a simple man and his family, you must read the book.